Dates & Times:
Begins August 1st | Phone to arrange a time

Summer Family Programs


The Interpretive Program at Police Point Park is excited to offer some fun family programs starting August 1st! The programs that will be offered are the Bug Safari, Pond/Wetland Adventure, and Indigenous History Tour!

The Bug Safari will be a one hour program in Police Point Park! Participants in the program will have an opportunity to catch, draw, identify, and name various bugs!

The Pond/Wetland Adventure is a one hour program in Kin Coulee Park! A guided walk will highlight the importance of wetland ecosystems, and participants will have an opportunity to analyze pond samples! 

The Indigenous History Tour is a one hour guided walk in Police Point Park! This walk will highlight historical indigenous connections to the park, as well as showcase various plants and animals that are important to the indigenous people!

The Interpretive Program received subsidized funding from the federal government for their loss of income from school programming. Because of this, all of the summer programs are being offered free of charge! Any donations to our non-profit organization will be gratefully accepted!

Please phone to arrange a time for these programs, so we have time to schedule staff!  Call the Nature Line at 403-529-6225 to register your family cohort!