Kids Celebrate!

Art & Culture
Apr 30
Jul 9, 2022
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Eyes that sparkle at the sight of a Christmas tree, wooden dreidels spun at Hanukkah, brightly coloured costume parades to the sound of Caribbean music – there are so many ways to enjoy the spirit of various holidays.

The exhibition Kids Celebrate! plunges young visitors into the midst of 12 celebrations that bring families together throughout the seasons in Canada’s many cultural communities. Holiday calendars in hand, children and their families discover the dances, foods, decorations and costumes that make each of these holidays memorable for young and old alike.

This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight cultural diversity in Canada, as children learn more about the special occasions that punctuate their daily lives, while giving them a sense of belonging and of caring for others.

Through creative activities, roleplaying and interactive challenges, young visitors explore lively traditions that build ties between generations while helping to pass down values.

Kids Celebrate! is a travelling exhibition developed by the Canadian Museum of History.