The Kommon

Food and Drink

Here at The Kommon we offer an all in one wellness experience that starts at an individual level and leads to a thriving community. As a community our aim together is to co-create a diverse, sustainable, all inclusive experience.

Our space is curated to inspire connection, creativity & self expression which we consider as all integral pieces to ones overall health. It’s far more than just eating healthy & exercising, though those are integral pieces of the web we offer every piece that makes up what it means to have radiant health. From an art hub, a retail shop, a hangout zone, to weekly yoga, dance + meditation classes, & delicious + nutritious food, we have something for everyone at every level of their health and healing journey!

Come join in on the fun, soak up the support & explore all that we have to offer you. Sit n' Sip & treat yo'self to a nourishing experience here. Let us know your goals and we will do our absolute best to assist you in reaching them!

622 3rd St SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0H5
Find UsHealth + Happiness are multifaceted just like our business + mission