About Medicine Hat Lacrosse Club

The Medicine Hat Lacrosse Association is set up to offer fun, fitness, and athletic development to all youth that wish to play our National sport.

The Club was established over 10 years ago. Our minor organization is set up to offer fun, fitness and development to all youth that wish to play our National sport. Our program begins at 4 years of age and continues through our Jr. program until the age of 21. Medicine Hat Lacrosse Club is an organization fueled by passionate players and dedicated parents, coaches and executive. Our organization invests hundreds of hours into developing our players, promoting our sport and expanding our membership. We believe lacrosse is not only a sport but also a special community developing strong, confident and responsible youth. 

Medicine Hat Lacrosse Club strives to promote the positive athletic and social experience that the sport of lacrosse can offer to the youth of Medicine Hat and surrounding communities. The investment that our organization puts into developing our players not only instills dedication, commitment and athleticism but also teaches the importance of community involvement, volunteerism and character.