About Medicine Hat Hockey Hounds

The Medicine Hat Hockey Hounds were formed in 1970. Over the past 47 years, the club has donated millions of dollars to the hockey community and Medicine Hat at large for a variety of causes. In the past few years, the club donated $15,000 to supply every arena in Medicine Hat with defibrillators for the safety of not only the players, but every person visiting an arena. Every year the Hockey Hounds sponsor minor hockey in Medicine Hat and area, from Timbits including Sledge Hockey, right up to the Junior B Cubs. The Hounds also work hand and hand with Medicine Hat Minor Hockey handling “hardship” cases where registration fees are paid for less fortunate families so the children have the opportunity to play. The Hockey Hounds also distribute $500 athletic scholarships to the four high schools in Medicine Hat each year.

Our vision is to become a national leader in developing minor hockey for local communities. The Hounds have set forth a strategic plan based on three key elements. Number 1 is Training and Education, which involves coaches, players, referees and parents. Fundraising is the second and is key to the continued success of our program. Finally, we are developing strategic partnerships in our community to communicate our purpose, values, and our vision as we move into the future.

The showcase event for the Hockey Hounds is the Annual Major Bantam Tournament held each fall in November. The tournament features the top teams from Western Canada and the United States. The tournament is into it’s 4th decade in existence and many of the games top stars have at one time competed in the event.