About Iceberg 3 on 3 Classic

The Iceberg Classic has become Alberta’s largest 3 on 3 tournament with approximately 650 kids participating in the following divisions… Initiation, Novice Tier 1, Novice Tier 2, Atom Tier 1, Atom Tier 2, Pee Wee Tier 1 and Pee Wee Tier 2 so there are divisions for all skill levels of players.

The Iceberg Classic is a “pond hockey” style of tournament, meaning that there are no offsides, no icings and all penalties result in a penalty shot. There are tournament gifts for all players, jerseys to keep, awards for 1st and 2nd place in all divisions and of course the Iceberg Cup for champions in all divisions which will be displayed at the rink year after year.

The main focus of the weekend is to create a fun, social and family atmosphere for both the kids and the parents and to have a good finish to what can sometimes be a long hockey season.