About Quonset Days

Quonset Days is a weekend of great music, great food, and a great time. Funds raised from Quonset Days goes to support the ALS Society of Alberta for research and support of those effected by ALS. It is held annually the third weekend in July.
Started in 2010, Quonset Days is a labor of love for our family. ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) is a disease that robs a person of the use of their own body while keeping the sence of touch and mental alertness. It is a disease that leaves the person with no dignity, completely dependant on others, basically trapped in a body that they can no longer control. Peter Biemans was one of these people. To watch him go from an outgoing active person to someone that could basically only sit in a chair and watch the world go by was the most heart wrenching thing a family could go through. No family should ever have to go what we went through.

Quonset Days was started as a tribute to Peter Biemans, a loving husband and father, who passed away in August 2009 after a hard faught battle with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease). As a family, we had participated in the ALS Walk but in 2010 our local walk was cancelled due to a lack of organizers. This is when Quonset Days was born. As a family we wanted to raise money and awareness for the ALS Society of Alberta while celebrating the life of a truely wonderful man. Quonset Days 2010 was organized in only a little over a month but we were able to raise over $7500! Each year we get bigger and better! The fun includes a silent & live auction, kick off party, live bands, beer gardens and free camping. It truely is the "Greatest Outdoor Party on Dirt"!!

Some of you might think that Quonset Days is an odd name for our fundraiser (especially when you come and see there are no quonsets in the yard). The original Quonset Days was held over 20 years ago as a joke. Anyone that knew Peter knows that he had a great sence of humor and loved a great party. Peter was working in Lethbridge and farming at Seven Persons. His "city" friends couldn't figure out what farmers did for fun. Peter and a coworker convinced them that once a year the farmers would take their quonsets, flip them upside down and race them down the canal then have a big party after. The "city" people thought that sounded like fun so made the drive from Lethbridge to see the races. Not wanting to disapoint them, Peter hosted the original Quonset Days party. He made sure to point out to the "city" people the size of the quonset and size of the canal. Because of that first Quonset Days we felt as a family we would pay tribute to the man that started it all........and Quonset Days ALS Fundraiser was born!
here we will keep you informed.
For now, thank you again for your support and generosity to this cause.