About Lela's Place The Chocolate Shop

At Lela's Chocolate we pride ourselves in having fully home-cooked meals, which helps keep us unique from other chain restaurants and providers. We have been in business since 1930 and have stuck to our historical roots still today; even with the same building we are located in!

It started out as a Chocolate Shop and then slowly progressed into what it is now: A Full service restaurant. Our specialities include home made pies and pastries, muffins, and we even cook our own turkeys and make our own gravy! If that wasn't enough, all of our french fries are in-store cut and everything we serve is fresh, not frozen.

We have a Breakfast Special from 7-11am served with coffee and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham. You can also choose pancakes or our gluten free bread if need be.

We are the oldest restaurant in Medicine Hat and as such consider ourselves a historical part of the city.

Stop in and see what everyone is so excited about! We can be found beside the Home Hardware in a long and narrow style building.