Public Art

Public Art

Walking Tour

Enjoy a meandering walk downtown to explore this free and fully accessible artistic diversity from a variety of Artists.

Public Art adds meaning and uniqueness to our community. It humanizes the built environment and invigorates public spaces by providing an intersection between past, present and future. 

Medicine Hat’s public art does so in a broad range of media and themes; from contemporary two story graffiti murals to sculpted brick monuments to traditional bronze sculptures. 

1. Turn Turn Turn (A Resting Place) 

Located at the Esplanade at 401-1 St SE. Aluminum and Concrete sculpture by Blake Senini (2011). 

2. Germans from Russia 

Also located at the Esplanade at 401-1 St SE. Bronze sculpture by Jim Hauser (2011). 

3. Day and Night 

3 St SE alley at 5 Ave SE, Miywasin Friendship Centre. Exterior latex painting by Wendy Struck (2013). 

4. Reka (River) 

Located in BATUS Park at the corner of 2 St SE and 6 Ave SE. Steel and concrete sculpture by J.R. Cooper & R. MacInnis (2012). 

5. North Railway Exchange 

Found at 4 St SE at North Railway St. on the side of MacKenzie Drugs. Painting by YMCA Summer Students (1998). 

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