Parks & Outdoor Activities

In one word, Medicine Hat is sunshine.   We are a warm, vibrant, feel-good city, with the attitude and natural backdrop to match. Medicine Hat residents are friendly, welcoming and kind. Many of us have come from across the country and around the world to make this city our home – and we embrace others who want to do the same. We welcome visitors, host events and showcase our city with pride.  

Our scenic landscape is anchored by the broad and mighty South Saskatchewan River, carved coulees and rolling prairies. Wildlife thrives along the river’s edge and in park spaces, as well as schoolyards and backyards. The sun rises and sets in glorious displays of colour and stars light up the night sky. Our city is a beautiful, natural sight to see.    

And, of course, Medicine Hat boasts more days of sunshine per year (330!) than any other city in Canada. We have hot summer nights and chinook-cheered winter days. Our city is warm at heart and in life. Opportunity abounds, in business and in pleasure, without the commutes, crowds and big-city hassles. We experience life up close and personal. Medicine Hat is a soft landing and a springboard, a retreat and a hive of activity – and always a place to savour life.   

Medicine Hat has a Sunshine State of Mind.