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historic downtown

Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown architecture was primarily influenced by the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1883 and subsequent clay and natural gas discoveries. Today, Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown is home to a revived culture of creativity anchored by Medalta’s contemporary ceramic arts center, the Esplanade, and numerous studios and arts organizations in the downtown core. 

As for downtown itself, many of those early rail-inspired brick buildings are still standing and occupied by independent retailers, coffee shops, studios, and breweries who have encouraged a new generation of creative expression. Many downtown business owners have invited local and international graffiti and mural artists to turn the exterior sides of their buildings into public artworks. The result is a bright collection of murals that express our local identity and culture. 

a day


with linda hoang

I got to explore Downtown Medicine Hat in southern Alberta, and truly think it is such a cute (and actually fairly large) small city downtown that should be on your list to visit! 

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Linda Hoang spends a day exploring Downtown Medicine Hat.

walking tours

Medicine Hat’s historic downtown is ideally suited for a stroll, with a cold or hot drink in hand. Take in the history and art that makes our downtown so great! On the move? Download the full PDF map here.

Historic Walking Tour

Take a deep-dive into Medicine Hat's history, and into some of the most prominent buildings in the city.


Downtown Murals

The past few years have brought plenty of new murals to the city's downtown. Grab a coffee and enjoy the art!


James Marshall Murals

One of the most prominent artists in the city's history, enjoy a tour of James Marshall's beautiful brick murals.


Indy Coffee Tour

So much coffee, so many baked goods! Check out a handful of the city's exceptional cafes.


Public Art

Enjoy a meandering walk downtown to explore this free and fully accessible artistic diversity from a variety of Artists.


Saamis Tepee

Originally constructed for the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics, the Saamis Tepee is a tribute to Canada’s native heritage.

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Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre

Your cultural experience of Medicine Hat starts in the City’s core nestled in the South Saskatchewan River valley.

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