Downtown Bakery Tour

Downtown Bakery Tour

Self-Guided Tour

The tastiest of our tours will bring you to each bakery downtown Medicine Hat.

Freshly baked, melt-in-your-mouth pastries are found on every block in Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown. From newly opened bakeries to ones that withstand the taste of time, you’re bound to find everything that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sugar Daddy Cheesecakes, 401 3 St SE.

Sugar Daddy Cheesecakes

Calling all cheesecake lovers! 

This grab-and-go bakery welcomes you to order one (or two) of the weekly featured cheesecakes. The black and white decor brings your attention to the fully-decorated desserts. New flavours rotate each week; some they’ve served are confetti bar, dill pickle, banana cream, salted caramel, Rolo, Turtle, coconut cream, and many more. Order by the slice — the option is yours to taste any flavour your heart desires.

Pro Tip: Check out the wall of “Sugar Daddy Cheesecakes” merchandise while you wait for your dessert to be boxed up.

Facebook — @sugardaddycheesecakes


Country Crumbs Bakery & Cafe, 417 3 St SE

Country Crumbs Bakery & Cafe

This bright and open space is full of natural light and rustic decor. Surrounded by white brick walls and large windows, you’ll immediately smell freshly baked bread when you walk in. A number of sweet and savoury treats will greet you at the front, like scones, Nanaimo bars, deep-fried croissants, and pizza bagels. Take a seat near the vibrant green plants, and enjoy your treat while you soak in the sunshine.

Pro Tip: Bakery staff are more than happy to make a beverage that pairs well with your baked treat. 

Facebook — @countrycrumbsbakerycafe

Instagram — @countrycrumbscafe


Madhatter Coffee Roastery, 513 3 St SE.

Madhatter Coffee Roastery

This cozy roastery helps you feel relaxed the second you step in and smell the roasting coffee beans. The dim space invites you to indulge in freshly brewed coffee and baked sweets. The variety of treats satisfy gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan taste buds. From Nanaimo bars to whoopie pies, Madhatter Coffee Roastery invites you to savour your dessert one bite at a time.

Pro Tip: Take in the summer sun and downtown views on their newly built patio.

Facebook — @madhatterroastery

Instagram — @mhroastery


King Bagel Bakery, 215 6 Ave. SE.

King Bagel

This hip bagel bakery has already thought of all the ways you can indulge in a savoury treat any time in the day. Having a tasty wheat treat with caramelized onion butter, saucy hummus, house-made cream cheese, or a classic B.L.T style sandwich are just a few ways to order a bagel made fresh in-house. Located inside one of the many historic buildings in Medicine Hat's Downtown, you can admire the age of the brick while partaking in a game of chess.

Pro Tip: Love their bagels that much? Take a pack of six or 12 home with you! Love their cream cheese even more? Take a 250ml container home with you!

Facebook — @kingbagelbakery

Instagram — @kingbagelbakery


Redcliff Bakery, 627 2 St SE.

Redcliff Bakery

The tall brick walls in this bakery encompass colourful, printed furniture that’s been repurposed by a local business. When you walk in, you immediately see the bakery’s famous cinnamon buns, decorated donuts, dainty macarons, ginormous cookies, and all other glazed and sugared sweets that are sure to fill you with pure happiness. This bakery celebrates the old and invites the new, while you live in the present enjoying your playful sweet treats.

Pro Tip: Grab a seat near the front ground-to-ceiling windows.

Facebook — @bakeryredcliff

Instagram — @redcliffbakery


Station Coffee Company, 644 2 St SE.

Station Coffee Company

The historic brick that surrounds you invites you to explore the history of Medicine Hat. Being near CP Railway, Station Coffee Company specializes in astounding cheesecakes, hearty muffins, and artisan sandwiches. Music plays softly in the background. The echo inside the building brings life to socialization. Treats are complemented by friendly conversations and authentic laughter, while the bright sky shines in between the wooden window sills. On Saturdays, a nice selection of sourdough bread is baked fresh in the morning.

Pro Tip: Take an extra minute to appreciate the exterior of this building.

Facebook — @stationcoffeecompany

Instagram — @stationcoffeeco


Inspire Cafe, 669 2 St SE.

Inspire Studio, Gallery & Cafe

On the outside, the beautiful, historic brick with purple and beige hues invites you inside this sophisticated space. The cafe is also connected to an art studio and gallery that fills the space with artistic paintings. The large baked goods sit pretty in the display cooler near the front, making it easy to point to a treat or two you’d like to try. This extremely spacious cafe has a view of the CP Railway with all its large windows. Take in the natural light while you enjoy a freshly-baked dessert.

Pro Tip: If you’re searching for a savoury lunch, the meatpies are guaranteed to satisfy.

Facebook — @inspirestudioandcafe


More bakeries can be found around Medicine Hat. Drive up Dunmore Road, where you’ll find McBride’s Bakery at 1791 Dunmore Rd SE. Beside McBride’s, you’ll see Cafe Verve. There are two other Redcliff Bakery locations, one in Redcliff on 8 3 St SE, and in the Industrial area at 924 16 St SW. On the north side of the city, there is Dee’s Baked Goods on 13 8 St NW.

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