Cocktails & Constellations

Food & Drink
Starts at 6:15p.m.
Apr 24
Apr 24, 2024

Your evening begins at Grit City Distillery - Master Distiller Jen will lead you on a distillery tour to learn how Grit City's signature spirits are created. Then, head to the tasting room for a cocktail flight and personal pizza.

The April night sky awaits - and so does the Eagle Butte Observatory, so it's time to hop on the Sunshine Trolley!

At the Eagle Butte Observatory, be introduced to the stars with a night sky presentation led by owner and amateur astronomer Rod DeVries. Connect to the dark sky wonders that are above, and the constellations visible in the April sky with Rod's expert knowledge.

If the sky is clear, you will get to take a peek through a telescope and catch a glimpse of space. If the weather is unfavourable, not to worry - the experience inside the observatory is unmatched and you will leave with both a fantastic knowledge of the night sky and wonderful memories of your evening.

When the experience at Eagle Butte Observatory ends you will board the Sunshine Trolley to return to your vehicle at Grit City Distillery