Sharing Stories at the Saamis Tepee with Brenda Mercer

Art & Culture
Jul 20
Jul 20, 2023

Join Indigenous artist–storyteller Brenda Mercer and friends on a journey of sharing, learning and discovery at the Saamis Tepee.

Making is an act of connecting and sharing. Gathering together, sharing stories, and crafting together is a way to honour the past, celebrate Indigenous culture and grow together in the present.Brenda invites you to join her and special guests to learn more about the land, medicine plants and the people who lived and gathered on these lands for hundreds of years. Discover new ways of knowing and connecting through personal history stories, crafting (making a medicine pouch).

About Brenda

Brenda Mercer has been beading for 51 years, as she started when she was eight years old. Her non-Indigenous cousin taught her how to do the daisy stitch, and Mercer was hooked. The artist always has earrings inside her purse, to give to strangers and friends. When giving, she shares a little bit about who she is and her story, “I tell them, ‘I made these for you with all my love and good intentions. I’ve had people come up to me a year later saying they wear them with pride and still feel the love.'”

What you'll need

1. Dress for the weather (hat, water bottle, windbreaker etc.)

2. Bring a lawn chair

3. Approx. 90 minutes

4. Short walk on uneven terrain

Alternative dates for private, corporate group tours are available. Contact Brenda HERE for more information.