The Mirror, The Echo, The Panoptocon

Art & Culture
Apr 29
Aug 26, 2023

TUE - SAT 12-5PM

Featuring work by AGLENNCO, Laura Anzola & Matthew Waddell, Amanda Chwelos, Karilynn Ming Ho, Gabriel Esteban Molina, & Skawennati

The Mirror, The Echo, The Panopticon is a visual art exhibition exploring how the internet and our everyday technologies reflect, transform, and surveil individual users and society. Over time, the internet has altered how humans perceive and experience the world. In this exhibition, seven artists contemplate various anxieties engendered by rapidly developing screen technologies. Inside this immersive setting, audiences are invited to reflect on pertinent and ultramodern questions including: How has the internet changed our perception of the world? How does one know if what they perceive is “real” or mere illusion? Can humans evolve beyond their current physical and mental limitations? What of the past will we bring with us into the future? With artworks spanning photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, weaving, video, and machinima (a movie created in virtual space), the exhibition offers fertile grounds for pondering many fascinating and terrifying topics.