Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

Art & Culture

The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre hosts exhibitions, events, concerts, educational programs, and more year-round. Whether it’s in-house curated exhibitions, or internationally renowned stage productions, the Esplanade is always presenting or hosting memorable experiences. 


You can expect beautifully-created works of art and great stories of Medicine Hat’s heritage inside the galleries. Access to the galleries is always pay what you will — you decide the price of your admission.

Performing Arts

The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre is home to a theatre like no other in the region. The 700-seat, sophisticated auditorium has seen many great performances grace its stage and continues to present dozens of shows every year. Visit, Medicine Hat’s one-stop ticketing shop, to find the latest shows coming to town or for upcoming classes, experiences and more.

Cultural Experiences

Throughout the year, the Esplanade plans cultural indoor and outdoor events. Neighbouring the Esplanade is Alberta’s oldest brick residence, Ewart-Duggan Residence, which can be visited year-round.

Historic First Street and Historic Railway District Walking Tours

Marvel at the beautifully preserved architecture and explore the social history of the characters who once resided within. Each tour is subtly different as our guides delight in sharing their own stories and memories of this neighbourhood, imparting a true sense of place to those eager to listen.

Fun For Families! 

In the Hands On! Discovery Zone, children’s curiosity, creativity, and self-expression is encouraged through exploratory processes, making, and playing.

Visit the Archives

History of Hatters

Whether someone was born, raised, or moved to Medicine Hat at some point in their life, if the memories made hold a special place in their heart and they created a small impact on the history of the city, they are a Hatter.

At the Archives Reference Services Room at Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, you can dig deep into the history of buildings and people who lived in Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta, with authentic news clippings and other resources.

Luke Lindoe

Canadian potter, painter, sculptor, and businessman Luke Lindoe developed his own clay bodies in 1964, invested 5,000 dollars of his own money and $5,000 dollars of credit, and opened Plainsman Clay. At the height of its production, Plainsman Clay was producing five million pounds of clay, shipping across Canada and the United States. The company is still open and sells clay at 702 Wood St. SE.

Barbara Elizabeth "Hope" Johnson

Born in 1916, self-taught geologist, paleontologist, and fossil collector Barbara Elizabeth "Hope" Johnson became extremely respected nation-wide, receiving an Honorary Doctorate and being recognized as one of fifty women who made an outstanding contribution to Alberta society. Being completely self-taught and a mother to four children, Hope never attended post-secondary education, but has supplied plant specimens to universities and museums for educational and leisure learning nation-wide.

MacKenzie Porter 

Born and raised on a cattle and bison ranch near Medicine Hat, MacKenzie Porter is currently a Canadian country singer, songwriter, and actress. The artist released her self-titled album, and four songs were Canada Country number ones.

Mark Sakamoto

Born and raised in Medicine Hat, Mark Sakamoto recently wrote the award winning book Forgiveness: A Gift From My Grandparents. His book went on to win the CBC Canada Reads competition in 2018 and has since been adapted to a live production by playwright Hiro Kanagawa.

Songs about Medicine Hat

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Documentaries about Medicine Hat

Clay, Creativity & the Comeback by Luke Fandrich, Editing Luke

Books about Medicine Hat

All Hell for a Basement: Medicine Hat, Alberta, 1883-1983 by Ed Gould