A New Sunshine Trolley in Medicine Hat


Tourism Medicine Hat has brought more sunshine to Medicine Hat this summer with a second Sunshine Trolley.

In Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland sat a 2008 Supreme Trolley that was owned by a vintage vehicle collector. In 2022, Tourism Medicine Hat sent two drivers to bring the Trolley across Canada to its new home in Medicine Hat.

“The driver said every time they stopped, they always had people come up and ask what the vehicle is, why they have it, and why it's being driven across the country,” says Mo Cranker, project coordinator, Tourism Medicine Hat. “There was definitely a lot of curiosity and excitement among people along the way.”

Jace Anderson, executive director of Tourism Medicine Hat, says the community response to the first Sunshine Trolley was immediate with its unique and playful shape, and it inspired the search for a second Trolley to add to the fleet. 

“We see so many locals on the Sunshine Trolley, and they often have their visiting friends and family with them. It's become a great way for locals and visitors to see Medicine Hat together. And Tourism Medicine Hat is fortunate to be leading that experience now and, with the addition of the new Sunshine Trolley, years to come,” says Anderson.

Over the years, Cranker says they’ve seen a surging popularity in a number of Sunshine Trolley services and tours in Medicine Hat, with private events and the regular scheduled loops. In 2021, the Sunshine Trolley saw the most riders for their scheduled summer loop tours to date, and in 2022, 30 classes for school tours embarked on the 90-minute tour of the city as part of their curriculum.

“Knowing it’s getting more popular and the community supports what we’re doing, we felt the time was right to get another Sunshine Trolley. When people are visiting, it definitely offers a very unique experience. Oftentimes, people can get on a bus to view a city, but it’s not often it’s on a vintage trolley,” says Cranker.

Finding a new Sunshine Trolley, Cranker says they wanted to purchase one that is just as classic as the first one, and he believes they achieved that. Not only was it originally built to be a Trolley in 2008, it also has a wheelchair lift, A/C, bike rack, and two large sections of the windows come out, known as a ‘convertible’ in the trolley world. 

“Whether it’s a local child experiencing their city through a different lens or a visiting child who is experiencing a new city, the Sunshine Trolleys are very unique to our city. And that extends to adults as well. People who live here can ride the Sunshine Trolleys and have a totally new view of certain landmarks and sights, and learn about the history on the tours,” says Cranker.

The Sunshine Trolleys will feature the annual Medicine Hat Breweries Tour, Miywasin Story Tour, and all other existing tours hosted in the past. As always, kids under 12 ride for free on both Sunshine Trolleys for the scheduled summer loops.

New events will be announced closer to and throughout summer 2023. To stay on board with all events and information regarding the Sunshine Trolleys, follow @sunshine.trolleys on Instagram and Facebook.

The Sunshine Trolleys are available for private bookings.

watch the Sunshine Trolley reel here.


Medicine Hat’s Sunshine Trolleys are your way to see the most prominent landmarks and scenery in Canada’s Sunniest City, starting from the Visitor Information Centre (330 Gehring Rd. SW). Once you arrive at each spot, you’re invited to briefly adventure the area and soak in Medicine Hat’s culture. Experience the vibrant, feel-good atmosphere, and enjoy your trip in the most stress-free way possible. Bring your headphones, scan a Trolley Stories QR code, and listen to the history behind each must-see destination told by the locals. Occasionally, the Sunshine Trolleys is guided by a local, who shares community-loved stories and interesting insights of each destination.


What are you riding in?

The 2008 Sunshine Trolley is ready to hit the road for 2023.

A 2008 Supreme Trolley purchased from a vintage vehicle collector in Newfoundland. The newer trolley is propelled by a 5.9L diesel Cummins engine that was newly-built in 2019 by Cummins in South Carolina. Tourism Medicine Hat purchased this unit in 2022.

The 1985 Sunshine Trolley is ready to hit the road for 2023.

A 1998 Ford motor home that was transformed into a vintage trolley, powered by a Chevy Big Block V8 gasoline engine. This trolley was purchased and transported from Drumheller, Alberta five years ago.

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