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Find the full list of participating restaurants here | 2023 Savour the Southeast

For two weeks in November, Savour the Southeast encourages local restaurant, cafe, and brewery owners to collaborate with local producers in Southeast Alberta. They feed the community fresh, hearty meals full of locally-raised cattle, freshly grown vegetables and hand-mixed sauces. 

But, Savour the Southeast goes beyond the two week celebration. Farmers still farm, ranchers still ranch, growers still grow, producers still produce, and local owners continue to partner with them year-round.

"Over half the menu in the summer has ingredients that come from people's gardens, greenhouses, and right off the fields — we know how lucky we are here in Medicine Hat. I really do love feeding people; I like making food people like, and that's really how we create the menu. We take that direction from our customers, and I would say people are happy,” says Kristine Dalzell, owner of Zucchini Blossom Market & Cafe.

Homestead Market Inc. is not a stranger to supporting and connecting with locals. The all-season market features over 60 vendors, from many creative and culinary worlds, who live right here in Alberta. From artists, to crafters, home decor, ice-cream, sauces, and more, Homestead Market Inc. features treasures that are made throughout the province. 

"I've found so many creative people through the store and I see how beautiful their minds are — how they can sit down and create something so cool. I love having space where we share that, and where people can grab a drink, a healthy snack, and wander around to shop,” says Kara Danroth, co-owner of Homestead Market Inc.

Homestead Market Inc. currently resides in what was previously a car dealership. After extensive renovations, the diverse market has a local retail area, cafe, and drive-thru. Located along Highway 3, this spot is an easy, quick stop for those traveling on the road. 

The producers in Southeast Alberta are proud to supply fresh food to many communities raised and grown in our own backyard. From animal-products, to vegetables, hops for breweries, and fruit, such as saskatoon berries, there is never a shortage of farm-to-table, or garden-to-table food.

"We can tell people to go down the road to see the rancher who supplies our meat. It's very rewarding to know we supply people with food and they know where it comes from. We pride ourselves on being able to serve high quality farm-to-table products. And it's a great partnership with restaurants during Savour the Southeast, because the person ordering the dish gets a truly local meal,” says Chris Deering, co-owner of Deerview Meats.

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, all seasons bring fresh food in Southeast Alberta, that’s served on the plates at our comfortable local eateries. Ask questions about the ingredients in the dish or the story behind the recipe. Medicine Hat owners, chefs, bakers, and brewers are storytellers with a taste for good grub. 

| Pack a Picnic in Medicine Hat using local ingredients!

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