Real Humanitarian Colour Run

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The colour run is celebrating 10 years in Medicine Hat in 2024!

Deborah Northcott is the co-founder and director of Real Humanitarian, and hosted the first Colour Run in 2014. 

After a decade, the fundraising event continues to see families and friend groups running through a rainbow of colour on the trail. Food grade certified and gluten-free coloured powder is thrown into the air throughout the race, painting a vibrant canvas onto racers. 

On Saturday, May 25, 2024, the Colour Run will begin at the Visitor Information Centre and will weave throughout the coulees with slight inclines. Beautiful views of Paradise Valley Golf Course and Medicine Hat nature are found along the paved pathway.

“It’s a lot of fun — you have colour tossed at you, and at the end everyone is given a packet of coloured powder to toss themselves,” says Northcott. “People feel good whenever they’re doing something together. They feel unified, and this race brings people together and is a really great way to build good memories.”

The Colour Run is hosted in partnership with the Rise Up Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2024. Both bring colour to the city in new ways. While people wait for flights in the morning and evening, they can participate in this event that’s also happening in the city. 

Find more details or sign up for The Colour Run here.

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