Ride the South Saskatchewan

Sport & Leisure

Canoeing, Kayaking, Boating – or just float down the river.

The South Saskatchewan River is used frequently for all these pursuits. Set into the river upstream at the Echo Dale Park’s boat launch and have an easy journey right through the heart of downtown. 

Go a little further and you end up beside Strathcona Island Park. Take-out at its boat launch and enjoy its pathways and picnic areas as well as a refreshing water park to cool off in. Just across the river, or around the bend you might take-out at Police Point Park and try some geocaching with your own device or you can rent at the Nature Centre.

Along your river run, you may see birds such as mergansers, pelicans, great blue herons, bald eagles and even the occasional loon during the summer. There are also ever-present shorebirds. Beavers, muskrats, mink, foxes, raccoons, porcupines and skunks also populate the area. Whitetail deer are often spotted. Perhaps even a snake basking in the sun along the shore.

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