Perfect Activities for a Snow Day


Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Tobogganing, Skating, Crokicurl, and Disc Golf.

Cross Country Ski

Police Point Park and Elkwater in the Cypress Hills are your winter cross-country ski spots. Find rentals and designated trails in both locations.

Police Point Park



Follow the many natural and forested trails through Elkwater in the Cypress Hills for a snowshoe adventure. Find trails and rentals in Medicine Hat at Police Point Park.

Police Point Park



Kin Coulee Park is a favourite. The hill is lit up into the evening and always perfect on a snow day. Elkwater in the Cypress Hills builds a snow luge each year. A must-try! 

Kin Coulee



Find many community rinks around Medicine Hat - check out Central Park for a small skating rink amongst 100+ year old Cottonwood trees. Or head out to the Skating Trail in Elkwater and glide through the forest.

Rinks, Parks, ponds



All the things you need to play crokicurl are there, so look up the rules and head out for a round or two! Winter fun, here you come! 

Strathcona Island Park

Disc Golf

If you haven’t played disc golf in the winter, you really need to, and if you haven't played disc golf at all, then you really, really need to! Find two great courses in Medicine Hat; one in Central Park and another in Leinweber Park.

Central Park

Leinweber Park

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