Ways to Welcome Spring in Medicine Hat


Spring in Canada's Sunniest City.

Explore a trail

Lace up your shoes, pump your tires, strap on your rollerblades, or hop on your skateboard, there are so many ways our trails can be explored. With 155 kilometres of connected pathways, you’ll be led to many beautiful viewpoints of breathtaking bluffs, historic landmarks, and waterways like South Saskatchewan River and Seven Persons Creek. Watch out for the wildlife — deer are always roaming the land.

Local Tip: Find a trail with a firepit, Strathcona Island Park or Kin Coulee Park, and roast some marshmallows!

Head to one of our many plant and flower shops

Your plants are ready to thrive as spring arrives, and we have the cutest stores to invite greenery into your space. From succulents, to trees, shrubs, and flowering and non-flowering plants, you will find so many green and colourful friends to place on your shelf or plant in your yard.

Local Tip: Check out our blog, Plant Shops in Medicine Hat!

Try something new on the menu at a coffee shop

The local owners of our coffee shops are always finding new and creative ways to introduce to us the most unique and delicious beverages. Whether it’s hot, cold, caffeinated, or decaf, a refreshing drink is always nearby.

Local Tip: Tour downtown’s coffee shops with our Indy Coffee Tour! All are local to our city, giving you an authentic Medicine Hat coffee shop experience!

Check out the Downtown Mural Tour

Through Medicine Hat Mural Fest, local and national artists have painted beautiful artwork on our brick buildings. All located in Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown, you can enjoy the sunshine while you admire the talent that’s showcased from one end to the other in the heart of Medicine Hat with our Downtown Mural Tour.

Local Tip: Take a photo, post it on Instagram, and tag @tourismmedicinehat to be featured!

Local Life: Parks, bakeries, sunshine, and frogs!

Carmen Bonilla and her family have lived in Medicine Hat since 2013 and love spending time outdoors — especially when spring and summer invite the warm sunshine to the city. She, her husband, four children, and dog love exploring a new park or trail when the weather warms. Strathcona Island Park is their favourite spot — they once spotted frogs during their visit, and going to the pond to scope them out is now a must! Before they start their adventure, Redcliff Bakery & Eatery or McBride’s Bakery is always their first stop to indulge in freshly-baked sweet treats!

Prepare yourself for the summer season in Medicine Hat.

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