Cypress Nordic Ski Club

With Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park only a 45 minute drive from Medicine Hat, people can find cross-country skiing trails near the city in a forested area.
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Mountain Biking

Three mountain bike destinations live within 45 minutes of each other in Medicine Hat and region, and all offer a drastic change in landscape and scenery. From green forest, to dry desert, and adventurous coulees, you can experience each spot with must-ride mountain bike trails in one weekend in and around Canada’s Sunniest City!

Mountain Biking in Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat recently added 14 new trails in the last year that range in difficulty from green to black. From Gas City Campground to Echo Dale Regional Park, you can ride flowy trails right in the city!

Mountain Biking in Redcliff.


Redcliff is the OG mountain bike destination in Medicine Hat and region! The cross country trails within the coulees offer beautiful scenic views while you ride until your heart’s content. Medicine Hat’s 670 Collective Mountain Bike Club is always adding new trails to this space.

Mountain Biking in Cypress Hills.


Elkwater in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park offers a wide variety of trail styles. From traditional rooty/rocky cross country trails to downhill only tech and flow lines, you can ride amongst the Lodgepole Pines in this unique ‘prairie’ destination.