2024 Tongue on the Post Folk Music Festival

Music & Entertainment
Jan 22
Jan 28, 2024

Imagine yourself in a dimly lit, circular room surrounded by old brick that was stacked in 1913, with the sounds of acoustic guitars, lightly played pianos, strong cellos and a story-telling voice, all in unison, softly floating off the walls and landing into your ears.

Hosted every winter at Medalta in the Historic Clay District, Tongue on the Post Folk Music Festival (TOP) will celebrate its 18th anniversary featuring Canadian musicians from January 242-28 in 2023.

“Over the last 8 years, we’ve felt Medalta has been a natural home for Tongue on the Post. There is soul and warmth in the walls that is incomparable to anywhere else,” says Rob Pape, executive director for TOP for seven years. “Both Medalta and the festival are rooted in Medicine Hat, and we’re happy to showcase this crown jewel in the city.”

Stay tuned for the line-up to come in 2024.