nailing it

Art & Culture
June 22 – August 17, 2024. Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 5 PM.
Jun 22
Aug 17, 2024

TREX Space presents 'nailing it', a solo exhibition by Lethbridge-based artist Mandy Espezel. Much like the expression 'nailing it,' which can be employed both earnestly and sarcastically, things are not always what they seem, or are perhaps capable of holding a multiplicity of meanings at once. In this new body of work featuring painting and site-specific installation, Espezel explores the multiplicities held within artwork and the body, and where they may intersect with one another. With an expert balance of critical thought and approachability, Espezel invites viewers to contemplate the edges of the work, beginning of the environment, and where they themselves fit into the equation – where are they (individual) and we (collective) nailing it? TREX Space is always free to visit. Please note, there will be no art stations in conjunction with this exhibition.