Tale of a Fish Scale

Art & Culture
Sep 9
Nov 4, 2023

In the exhibition Tale of a Fish Scale, our story begins deep within Alberta’s lakes and rivers. Featuring three series of artworks made with and about fish from the province, the exhibition tells a story of gratitude, as seen through the fish scale art form, as well as a cautionary tale surrounding the health of this animal’s ecosystem. Fish scale art is a unique art form developed and practised by Métis and Cree people living in Northern Alberta. In artworks by Erin Marie Konsmo and Ruby Sweetman, two generations of artists take on this art form using the large scales of whitefish netted in the region. These pieces are joined by a series of lithographic monoprints by artist Laura Grier that investigate how polluted waterways have affected fish in Alberta. The exhibition hopes to pass on knowledge of the fish scale art form while opening important dialogues surrounding the preservation of Alberta waterways. TREX Space will also have a series of free Art Stations set up in conjunction with the exhibition.