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With Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park only a 45 minute drive from Medicine Hat, people can find cross-country skiing trails near the city in a forested area.

And now there’s a club to introduce people to the sport.

Cypress Nordic Ski Club members Gregg Campbell, Linda Johnston, and Sandra Brown are a part of a group of people who are eager to familiarize people with this exciting activity during the winter season, in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas.

The trails in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park are completely immersed in nature, with snowy lodgepole pine and aspen trees surrounding the skiers, and the rolling hills bring a nice challenge. 

“It’s forest bathing. The trails are all different, and once you find your flow and a good rhythm, it becomes methodical,” says Campbell, who’s been cross-country skiing since he joined the cross-country ski team in high school. 

The Cypress Nordic Ski Club offers lessons to people of any age, as young as their bunny rabbits and jackrabbits program. Johnston has been a recreational cross-country skier for 53 years and was actively involved in her first bunny rabbits and jackrabbits program 35 years ago. 

Johnston teaches the bunny rabbits program with the Cypress Nordic Ski Club, while two other ski club members, Kwan Lee  and Marvin Genno, teach the jackrabbits. 

“Listening to the kids having fun is just delightful,” says Johnston. “It’s a very affordable and fun way to help develop coordination, balance, and agility, and it helps set them up for success for the next level.”

Her lessons with the bunny rabbits teach foundational skill, while also having time to play familiar backyard games on their skis, like ‘what time is it mr.wolf’ and ‘red light green light’. 

And cross-country skiing is an activity that can be taught at any age. Brown’s husband is a cross-country skier, and 15 years ago she decided to try the sport. She instantly fell in love.

“It’s a great way to spend time outdoors in the winter and enjoy the fresh air. It’s nice to see how cross-country skiing has grown in popularity,” says Brown.

The Cypress Nordic Ski Club has operated for just over a year in 2024, and the interest has been positive. There are close to 70 members who participate in lessons and go cross-country skiing as a group. 

“If cross-country skiing hasn’t crossed your mind, it really is a welcoming community that is wanting for people to have positive experiences, love winter, and love the snow,” says Johnston.

Learn more about Cypress Nordic Ski Club online at and stay updated on Facebook at Cypress Nordic Ski Club.

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