Indigenous Gatherings


Gatherings to learn about and embrace Indigenous culture.

Miywasin Story Tour

A conversational day spent outdoors with local storytellers from Miywasin Friendship Centre, in places Indigenous peoples called home, lived off the land, and started their traditions and storytelling.

Join the group in a hands-on Indigenous practice to take home and enjoy near the end of the gathering. 

All transportation is included on the Sunshine Trolley, with the start and finish point at the Miywasin Friendship Centre, in Medicine Hat's Historic Downtown.

Sharing Stories at the Saamis Tepee with Brenda Mercer

Indigenous artist and storyteller Brenda Mercer invites you to join her and special guests to learn about the land, medicine plants, and Indigenous peoples who lived and gathered on these lands for hundreds of years. Discover new ways of knowing and connecting through personal stories and crafting at the Saamis Tepee.

Making is an act of connecting and sharing in Indigenous culture. Gathering and crafting together, and sharing stories, is a way to honour the past, celebrate Indigenous culture, and grow together.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Every year on National Indigenous Peoples Day, a Powwow demonstration is hosted and Teepees are set up at Kin Park in Medicine Hat. Indigenous dancers who live in and visit Medicine Hat demonstrate dances from Jingle Dress Dance, to Ladies Traditional Dance, the Chicken Dance, and more, ending the gathering with a Round Dance that includes everyone. You can also find Indigenous artisans, face painting, and food trucks.

The Hills Are Alive

In June, The Hills are Alive showcases the Métis and Aboriginal culture. The gathering brings together talented musicians, dancers, and cultural teachers, in a traditional setting of tipi’s and trapper’s tents, in beautiful Elkwater, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. The family-friendly event is open to the public, and features instruction in fiddle, piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, Métis jigging, and square dancing. Artisans will offer instruction in sash finger weaving, capote making, Métis beading, hand drum making, and instruction in making smaller crafts as well. There will be activities and traditional games for youth, Métis history, Elder storytelling, and Michif lessons.

Ómahksípiitaa (Big Eagle)

Located at the Medicine Hat College, the Ómahksípiitaa hosts gatherings year-round that are open to the public. Starting in 2024, two craft circles are hosted every month. More gatherings include, National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (May), National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (September), and Metis Week Celebrations, in remembrance of Louis Riel Day, (November). 

“This new Indigenous space was built to host events that educate about Indigenous culture. It’s a safe environment for students and the community to attend and is for anybody who wants to learn about Indigenous culture with an open heart and open mind.” — Chastity Cairns, Indigenous Engagement & Student Supports, Medicine Hat College.

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