Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede

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For over 130 years we have been a community gathering place and many people from our region have some tie to our Agricultural Society.

The Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede was established in 1887 as local merchants and ranchers felt their community needed a gathering place, to keep the relationship between urban and rural communities.

Each year, we offer a variety of community events for southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan. We are situated in the city of Medicine Hat and have several buildings, with different purposes to serve our community. The Fieldhouse offers a sports and recreation area, including three soccer pitches, tennis courts, pickleball courts and, batting cages for baseball and softball. We also host many other sporting activities, such as wrestling and roller derby. The Pavilion was originally built for livestock and still hosts events such as 4-H Show and Sales, Bull, Cattle, Horse Shows and many other agricultural types of events.

The Grandstand is home to outdoor community events, historically hosting the RCMP Musical Ride, Nitro Circus, local team roping events and more.

Pioneer Village is a special area and home to many historic buildings from the firehall, blacksmith shop, a one-room schoolhouse, a non-denominational church, a general store, an old-time garage, an RCMP replica detachment barracks, and a 1913 Webb ladder truck. We offer school tours during the months of May and June and host approximately 800 children through Pioneer Village. We also offer barn tours and school tours during the chuckwagon races.

We have quite a few volunteer driven events including a Spring Rodeo, Chuckwagon Races, Queen Competition, Ranch Horse Sale and Competition, and All Breed Horse Show.

We have approximately 600 volunteers who help to make each one of these events possible. While we do hold a 4-day fair, our grounds are busy with volunteer events throughout the year. In December we have the Olde Tyme Christmas and Christmas Farmers’ Market, free event for the community, including photos with Santa and more. The last volunteer driven event is the Beef Pen Show. We welcome cattle producers from all over Western Canada and even some from the states. This premier event is for the cattle producers to network within their profession.

Another great activity that takes place on the Stampede grounds is the Farmers’ Markets. For 21 weeks of the year, we have over 100 vendors who come together to sell their home-made and home-grown goods to the community.

The Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede is deeply rooted in our history of which it is truly rich. During WW1 and WW2, the facilities were used by the military. The most significant is the Rhine Hall, a building that was used as the Medicine Hat POW camp for German prisoners. Medicine Hat was one of the largest POW camps in Canada.

For over 130 years we have been a community gathering place and many people from our region have some tie to our Agricultural Society. We often wonder if the local merchants and ranchers knew how long their legacy would last when they first started it all in 1887.

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