Summer Weekends in Medicine Hat

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How to plan your weekend in Canada's Sunniest City.

Nothing feels better than being prepared before a trip, so we’ve put together this list to save you time researching! Here are things to know when spending a full weekend in Medicine Hat during the summer months!

Medicine Hat's Historic Downtown.

Accommodations near Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown

These extraordinary and cozy Airbnbs are steps from Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown, and staying inside the authentic, characteristic bed and breakfasts is an experience in and of itself! 

Pro Tip: They do book up quickly, so here is a list of Airbnbs to stay in while visiting the city.

You can find live music in at least one eatery during the weekend

Medicine Hat is full of musical talent, and our eateries are more than happy to invite these local artists to perform their sounds to listening guests. Whether it’s indoors or at one of our sunniest spaces, you’ll find live music in at least one local eatery!

Pro Tip: Tourism Medicine Hat’s Events Calendar is updated with live music events. Here are a few businesses who often host live music: Nineteen 11, Moose & Squirrel Bistro, The Whiskey District, The Yard, Rosewood Bistro.

Second Street in Medicine Hat's Historic Downtown.

Plan to shop locally on Friday or Saturday 

One of the great things about living in Medicine Hat, is the community is very understanding that we all have loved ones we want to spend time with. Sundays and Mondays are usually these days for our local business owners. Plan to browse our locally-owned shops and boutiques on a Friday or Saturday to have the full Medicine Hat shopping experience. 

Pro Tip: Have an area you want to explore, or a specific shop you want to visit in mind? Browse our Business Directory for the address and social media pages!

Pack for hot, hot weather

If a cactus can naturally survive along our coulees, you know it’s hot! Definitely pack for desert weather — bring extra items in case the clouds come to say hello, but for the most part, there’s a reason we’re Canada's Sunniest City with 330 days of sunshine!

Pro Tip: Make sure to pack sunscreen!

Mountain biking trails in Redcliff.

Mountain biking trails

After driving prairie roads, you’ll enter Medicine Hat and see coulees and bluffs that make for thrilling and exciting mountain biking trails! Whether you head to Echo Dale Regional Park, Redcliff, or Elkwater in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, you’ll have a wide array of diverse trails to adventure! Ask avid mountain biker, Chris Istace!

Pro Tip: Looking for a leisure ride? The Great Big Pedal is an annual event in the summer where cyclists meet in a local park to bike the trails together!

Porchfest, 2021.

Plan your trip around a weekend festival

JazzFest, Porchfest, Rise Up Hot Air Balloon Festival — there is a long list of events and festivals that happen annually in our sunny city. If you enjoy living like the locals while traveling, attending one of our festivals is the best way to do so. Be sure to check Tourism Medicine Hat’s Events Calendar to see what’s happening during your trip!

Pro Tip: Follow the festival's social media pages to stay up-to-date on dates and times!

Seven Persons Creek.

Ride the Water

Whether you’re in a kayak, canoe, or lounging on a floaty, our waterways are an inviting place to enjoy the outdoors during an afternoon on the weekend. Whether it’s Seven Persons Creek, or South Saskatchewan River, you’re bound to run into adorable wildlife, fresh air, and good times!

Pro Tip: Looking to rent gear? Check out Outdoor Xcape Rentals!

Athletic Park.


Canada’s Sunniest City is home to Medicine Hat Mavericks, one of the region’s most well-known baseball teams. Of course, they’re playing games every weekend, and sometimes they stay homebound. Order up some popcorn, a cool beverage, and watch a “Mavs” game underneath the summer sun when you’re in the city!

Pro Tip: Check out when to catch a game here. 

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