'Only in Medicine Hat' Dining Experiences

Food & Drink

Medicine Hat is full of events that introduce new ways to dine.

Whether it’s in the comfort of your bed and breakfast, inside a National Historic Site, or inside Alberta’s oldest brick residence, flavour is paired with a notable experience outside of a typical dining room. 

Country Escape Airbnb

For a limited time in the summer, this country-side Airbnb features a garden of seasonal vegetables and a line-up of locally-sourced meats to gather and use to prepare dinner. A raspberry bush greets guests in the morning, to pair with farm fresh eggs. The farm-to-table experience is just 10 minutes from Medicine Hat. Find dates to add this package to your stay at @countryescapeairbnb.


Guesthouse 71

This country-style bed and breakfast is a short drive from Medicine Hat, with horses as neighbours and a prairie sky greeting you each morning. Whether cozy indoors or on the comfy patio, you can enjoy elegantly decorated charcuterie made by The Copper Leaf Café, with beautiful views as the sun sets. Let the hosts know you’d like this added to your stay.


Patio Dinner Club

From May to September, The Yard will host a dinner club for 30 people, prepared by a new local chef each evening. The menu will showcases each chef's specialties and skill. Each dinner ticket comes with a locally-sourced cocktail, live entertainment, and exceptional wine pairings.


Private Dinner with King

Indulge in a unique culinary experience hosted by the talented food staff at King Bagel Bakery. Being located in Southeast Alberta, they'll present an unforgettable evening featuring exceptional beef — a waygu dinner experience for you and your friends. This is the perfect experience to sample premium Alberta beef and local cuisine.


Summer Garden Series

Embark on a Sunshine Trolley tour in Medicine Hat before returning to the Root Cellar for a garden-inspired dinner outdoors, prepared by a local chef.


Sunday Service

Chef of almost 20 years Rebecca Ross invites guests into her century-old home to fully see who she is as a cuisine artist, and taste her menu of personal creations. Each recipe changing at every event, guests who attend a Sunday Service will try spontaneous dishes based on Ross’ inspiration, that are exclusive to that specific night.


Taproom Dinner Series with Chef Jordan Abbott

Travois Ale Works welcomes you into the Taproom to experience Chef Jordan Abbott's culinary creations. All dishes are paired with house-brewed beers from Travois Ale Works, and Brewer Brady will host the event and talk about the pairings, enhancing the dining experience with his knowledge of each dish and brew.


Indy Coffee Tour

In a historic downtown lives coffee shops that serve caffeinated beverages with personality. Starting with a hands-on roasting experience, stroll to each café with story-telling and conversation.


Bakery Tour

With six bakeries in Medicine Hat's historic downtown, experience each one from May-September with the Bakery Tour. Hear about the history of the city through historic buildings, see the creativity from artists with the murals, and sample sweet and savoury desserts in between.


Dinner in the Kiln

A five-course dinner prepared by local chefs inside the historic beehive kiln at Medalta in the HIstoric Clay District. Medicine Hat’s Historic Clay District produced ⅓ of all clay being distributed in Canada in the early 1900s. The beehive kilns were used to fire clay for seven to eight days, and then cooled for one to two days. Fully indulge in an exquisite dinner, inside the century-old National Historic Site. 


Afternoon Tea at the Ewart Duggan House

Attend a timeless tradition inside Alberta’s oldest brick residence. Built in 1887, Ewart Duggan House is associated with the earliest and most prominent citizens of Medicine Hat, and you're invited to be counted among its most honoured guests. Sip, savour, and connect over tiered trays of finger foods and a delightful selection of tea.


Dining in the Dark

An immersive, farm-to-fork dining experience inside the art gallery at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre. It's a celebration of human experience, a testament to the artistry of local farmers, and a journey into the depths of sensory exploration,  leaving guests with a profound appreciation for the flavors that surround them and the beauty of dining in the dark.



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