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A new way to golf at Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley Golf Course officially launched the Golfuture Range in June 2022. Featuring Toptracer technology, the range is the first of its kind in the city, where golfers hit their ball into an actual outdoor range, and a camera follows it in real time to collect the ball flight data.

This data can then be accessed on the golfer's smartphone, on the screen in their lounge area, and at any other Toptracer Range in the world. Co-owner of Paradise Valley Dawn Postnikoff saw this technology while traveling and knew it was something she wanted to introduce to the Medicine Hat community.

“It’s a great opportunity for golfers to practice their game and store all of their data, but it also offers that relaxed lounge atmosphere along with the golf experience. You can go with a large group, your partner, or your family — it’s a really welcoming environment for everyone,” says Postnikoff.

There are eight bays that can be booked, each with high-top tables and lounge seating, so players can order food and beverages while they hit balls and enjoy the warm weather this summer. 

Medicine Hat has an average of 330 days of sunshine. One of the longest golf seasons in Alberta is experienced in Medicine Hat, starting as early as mid-March and running through to late October. But even when the snow starts to arrive, the Golfuture Range will feature heaters and a 1000 square-foot indoor putting green, to welcome locals and travelers year-round.

“One of things I love about bringing this new golf experience to Medicine Hat is that it’s great for visiting family and friends when they come down. It’s something everyone can enjoy. The Golfuture Range provides another recreational and social activity,” says Postnikoff. 

As the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier, the range allows for people to golf into the evening, “We can stay open until 10 o’clock if that’s what people are wanting, and it could become a new thing to do during the evenings and weekends.”

The golf demographic ranges in Medicine Hat from juniors and beginners to serious and competitive golfers, “Golfuture really is for players of all ages and abilities — a place for everybody, not only for our Par3 players.”

Paradise Valley Golf Course can be found online at and at 90 Gehring Road S.W, just below the iconic Saamis Tepee.

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