The Great Big Paddle

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See the most beautiful parts of the South Saskatchewan River.

A large waterway in a prairie city calls for an event like the Great Big Paddle. The South Saskatchewan River invites the relaxed and friendly float to begin in Echo Dale Regional Park, where giant cliffs and red rock lead the way. After a few hours of stunning scenery, Strathcona Island Park pulls the group in to finish the float. 

“When you’re on the river, you get a view that’s totally different from land. It’s a very unique viewpoint. You see wildlife and vivid red cliffs. The face in the rocks has been there for many, many moons — and once people know about it, they look for it everytime they float the river,” says Tara Goddu, three-year Medicine Hat Paddle Club member.

In a beautiful area of the city, a renewed sense of wonder is energized during the Great Big Paddle. The event brings a sense of comradery as everyone comes down the waterway. It invites attendees to bring family and friends and potentially meet some new ones. 

“If you do the Great Big Paddle, you’ll more than likely love it. It’s the first step to explore the different waterways we have in the area,” says Goddu.

The Great Big Paddle is inclusive. It’s for beginners and avid paddlers. There are local businesses that rent out equipment, but book early because it goes quickly.

All Great Big Paddle participants must supply their own equipment, including a lifejacket. For more information about paddling the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat, join the Medicine Hat Paddle Club Facebook page.

@medicinehatpaddleclub, 2023’s event will take place on July 8, 2023

There are two rental businesses in the city owned by outdoor enthusiasts:

Outdoor Xcape Rentals 

Floating Island, Stand-Up Paddle Board, Single Person Kayak, Two Person Tandem Kayak


Let’s Go Adventures 

Single Person Kayak, Two Person Kayak, Stand-Up Paddle Board, Rafts


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