Medicine Hat Cellist, Jacqueline Walker

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Jacqueline Walker started playing the cello at six years old.

As she sets up her bow stringed instrument inside Medalta in the Historic Clay District, cellist Jacqueline Walker prepares to perform inside the National Historic Site. 

Guests will delight in a locally-prepared dinner, with live music complimenting the historic beehive kiln. A spot where clay was once fired. One of the many venues Walker has performed in Medicine Hat.

Drawn to the cello when she was six years old, Walker appreciates the instrument for its beautiful, calming sound. And as she performs live, enhancing the experience for guests is something she’s grown to enjoy.

“There is something really special about being the background music that creates an atmosphere. I love bringing an ambience that pairs well to the event,” says the cellist of 33 years.

Rustic Kitchen + Bar, a spot that’s served the city for over 20 years, hosted an Italian feast where Walker performed. She says there’s something to be said about how sound waves naturally have an effect on people, and it’s felt when music is played live. 

“It’s always such a huge compliment to me when people say I added to an event or they felt something through my music.”

Medicine Hat has been home to her and her family for over a decade. Picnics at Kin Coulee Park, mornings at the Farmers’ Market, lunches at a local eateries, and the endless sunshine have encouraged them to stay in the small city. 

“I love the community feel here. It’s truly a family-friendly city, and it’s sunny,” says Walker. “There’s a tight knit musician community here, and people really want to have fun and play music together.”

If you’d like for Jacqueline Walker to perform at your next event, she can be contacted at

photographed: Jacqueline Walker about to perform for a sound bath at Rebel Power Yoga.

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