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A hub for Pickleball in Medicine Hat.

In partnership with the City of Medicine Hat, the Medicine Hat Pickleball Club opened one of the finest outdoor pickleball facilities in Alberta. The South Country Co-op Pickleball Courts are a 20-court facility, with a 10-table social area and evening lights. Still to come is an amenities building, which will have washrooms, storage and an outdoor covered social area.

Since opening in 2022, the Pickleball Club has hosted the Pickleball Alberta Provincial Championships, and will host the 2023 Pickleball Canada Western Regional Championships, from July 6th-9th, 2023. This upcoming event will bring players and visitors from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba along with a player from the Yukon. A Player’s Lounge with beer gardens, food vendors, and live music by Rob Hudec will be featured at the Championships.

“A lot of pickleball players travel with their paddles, so we have people who visit Medicine Hat and play on our courts. The furthest we’ve had someone visit from is Dubai. Of course, they didn’t come just for the courts, but it was a very nice option for them to have while visiting the city,” says Wanda Lazar, President of Medicine Hat Pickleball Club.

In the evenings, the courts light up for people to play until their heart’s content, making it accessible for those with busy day time schedules. The club currently has over 400 members from Medicine Hat, and some from Calgary and Lethbridge. There is space for everyone, “our youngest player is six and oldest is 81,” says Lazar.

“We’re a positive, friendly group of people, and we are very proud to offer this space and so lucky to have a facility like this in Medicine Hat,” says Lazar.

For those wanting to try the sport, the club also offers two free, two-hour lessons providing

Instruction, balls, and paddles. Bookings for groups are also available. For those interested in joining and learning more about the sport or wanting to book a group 


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