Paddle Seven Persons Creek


There are two routes to paddle Seven Persons Creek.

“Paddling Seven Persons Creek is wild, adventurous, and you get such an adrenaline rush. Whereas, the South Saskatchewan River is very relaxing and calm. With both, you travel through the coulees and see so much wildlife. The two waterways are like no other; it’s honestly so stunning.” - Teresa Humphries, co-owner of Outdoor Xcape Rentals.

Desert Blume (Heron Crt. SE) to Kin Coulee Park — best for beginners.

For a wild and adventurous day on the waterway, Seven Persons Creek is the place to be. Throughout an approximate three hour paddle, you may cross paths with deer, beavers, moose, blue herons, ducklings, and geese, while surrounded by large coulees and refreshing natural sights. Completely immersed in the quiet space, with only the neighbouring sounds of nature, this in-city creek isn’t far to find. Paddle the rapids and go with the flow on the winding streamline.

| There are two companies who rent equipment, Outdoor Xscape Rentals and Let’s Go Adventures in Medicine Hat, and both give a full rundown on how to safely paddle Seven Persons Creek. 

Desert Blume to South Saskatchewan River — best for experienced paddlers.

Paddle among the reeds, rapids, and culverts on the narrow and quick waterway. Ducks and geese may fly as you arrive at their floating spot, and kingfishers might happily hop ahead of you to lead the way. Deer, muskrats, and beavers are other wild creatures that have been seen while paddling this creek. Tall bluffs will tower over you, followed by a canopy of trees. There are many hop-off points once you reach the South Saskatchewan River, where you can join hundreds of seagulls and a few fishing blue herons living a life we often don’t think about in Police Point Park. If this is the paddle for you, make sure to scout the route beforehand — water level is always changing, and there is a short portage you need to be ready for.

| To shorten this route, you can start at Kin Coulee Park, 104 South Kin Coulee Rd. SE. 

Find water level information here. But if you're renting, our rental companies listed above will offer this information as well.

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