Paddle Seven Persons Creek


Seven Persons Creek is an inviting waterway to see Medicine Hat’s natural beauty from a whole new point of view for avid and beginner kayakers!

Walled by colours of vibrant green, and in the fall, yellow and orange, this in-city creek will lead you from Kin Coulee Park onto the South Saskatchewan River in roughly two hours.
Paddle among the reeds, rapids, and culverts on the narrow and quick water. While riding the creek, beautiful little bridges welcome you along the way, and people walking the paths sometimes greet you with a, “hello, where are you going?” or “where did you start?”.

Ducks and geese may fly as you arrive at their floating spot, and kingfishers might happily hop ahead of you to lead the way. Deer, muskrats, and beavers are other wild creatures that have been seen while paddling this creek.
The adrenaline comes when a little ledge dips the front of your boat into the water and leads you to the middle of tall bluffs that tower over you like big buildings in a downtown city centre. Followed by a canopy of trees, the city centre now feels like it’s kilometres away.

Nearing the end, you’ll paddle around an island, and now you can see a bank full of bricks from a nearby factory. While chasing geese out of the way, you’ll pass by fisherpeople. Then, you can turn your boat to gaze at the large bluff that sits behind Strathcona Island Park and Police Point Park.
There are many hop-off points, where you can join hundreds of seagulls and a few fishing blue herons living a life we often don’t think about in Police Point Park.

MEDICINE HAT’S HISTORIC DOWNTOWN is only a five-minute drive away to fill up on some grub and enjoy more of the sunshine.
If this is the paddle for you, make sure to scout the route beforehand — water level is always changing, and there is a short portage you need to be ready for.

Pro Tip: Remember to leave a vehicle at both docking points. 
Click here to learn more about the safety measures for the river, to ensure that you’re smiling and enjoying the sunshine the whole time.

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