About Medicine Hat Indy Coffee Tour

No visit to Medicine Hat would be complete without a bona fide coffee crawl. As you explore our beautiful city and all it has to offer, take time to indulge in a progressive tour of three out of our five independent coffee shops, each with its own personality and specialties of the house and all within walking distance of each other in our historic city centre. Chat with a barista as they create cappuccino and latte art or draw you the perfect shot of expresso from locally roasted beans. Travelling from café to café you will feel the rich local culture of the sunniest city in Canada. Dive into our coffee culture and discover what makes each café worth a return trip during your stay.

- Rich and indulgent cappuccino & latte art

- Impeccably drawn single shots of espresso

- French press or pour over of locally roasted beans


Links to the Coffee Shops