Fall in Medicine Hat


In Medicine Hat, fall and summer intertwine beautifully.

So you can still endure the outdoors while watching the leaves transform from vibrant green to a canvas of orange, yellow, and red. 

Paddle the South Saskatchewan River while sipping a pumpkin spice latte, or lather on sunscreen when you golf while eating a cinnamon apple muffin! Give a slow wave farewell (for now) to bright summer days and nights, while you welcome the cool breeze and floating leaves of fall.

Here are nine ways to celebrate the end of summer days!

Explore the trails

Whether you’re using them to get somewhere, or just going for a leisure stroll, the trails in Medicine Hat are the best view during the shift from summer to fall. With the leaves changing colour, the air becoming cooler, and the sun going down earlier, those early morning, mid-day, or evening walks are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors!

Local Tip: Find all trails with the City's Heritage Trail Map

watch the Fall Trails reel here.

Fall Camping

Now that the weather has cooled during the day, high-movement outdoor activities can be enjoyed without beading sweat and unwanted sunburns. And those cold mornings and evenings pair nicely with a warm fire and cup of coffee. Gas City Campground, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Cavan Lake, or 40 Mile Park are all close campgrounds that snuggle you into nature!

Local Tip: Make sure to pack your coziest Edison Flat sweaters for those chillier mornings and nights!

Mountain Biking

Three mountain bike destinations live within 45 minutes of each other in Medicine Hat and region, and all offer a drastic change in landscape and scenery. From green forest, to dry desert, and adventurous coulees, you can experience each spot with must-ride mountain bike trails in one weekend! 

Local Tip: The sun has started to set sooner — make sure to pack those bike lights and headlamps!

Watch an early sunset

For those of us who go to bed early, we can finally catch a sunset! The perfect seat can be anywhere in the city, at one of the many viewpoints, like at Saamis Tepee or in Crescent Heights, or while walking the trails. The prairie sunsets don’t get much more beautiful with the open sky we’re lucky to have!

Local Tip: Bring your phone for a photo, or leave it at home to simply live in the moment!

Day Trip Destinations 

Medicine Hat has surrounding areas that are full of beauty and experience, from hiking, to mountain biking, camping, and simply exploring. These day trips range from 20 minutes to hour and a half drives: Red Rock Coulee Natural Area, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Writing-On-Stone/Aisina’pi, and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Local Tip: A road trip isn’t officially started without stopping at a coffee shop for a fall flavoured drink!

watch the Autumn Road Trips reel here.

Sit on a patio

Thankfully, Medicine Hat has one of the longer patio seasons since it’s Canada’s Sunniest City, so soak in the sun, drink the chilled drinks, and breathe in the fresh air with natural coulees and historic scenery surrounding you!

Local Tip: Local cafes and eateries often have curated menus that match the season! 


The courses are green, sunny, and ready to be played! Bring your family and friends, pack your clubs and balls, and head out onto one (or more) of six golf courses in and around the city! And if you’re looking to book a season-end party, the golf course clubs definitely accept private bookings!

Local Tip: Don’t forget about that sunscreen! The sun is still shining!

Paddle the South Saskatchewan River and Seven Persons Creek

Until the end of September, the River and Creek are usually still safe to kayak, canoe, float, or paddle board! And if you’re looking for rentals, Outdoor Xcape Rentals and Let’s Go Adventures are still booking spots! 

Local Tip: If you go out on your own, be sure to check the water levels to make sure it’s still safe!

A look back on your summer

Let’s take a look back on the summer! Follow the #MedicineHatSummers hashtag to see how visitors and the community spent their 2023 summer in Medicine Hat! This season was full of adventure for many, and we’re so happy to have hosted visitors from all over the world.

see Medicine Hat in the fall here.

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